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Our targeted audience are seeking romantic getaways for weekends and longer.

LocallyRomantic.com is expanding to feature locations and activities from around the world.

All our listings are reviewed to maintain the high quality of businesses listed. If you have a business you would like featured on LocallyRomantic.com please complete the form below and we will respond quickly after reviewing your website. We are particularly interested in high quality accommodation and activities suitable for a romantic getaways. 


Location Page Gold (NZ$295 annually)
Guaranteed position 'above the fold' ie. visible without the visitor scrolling the page. Being visible withour the visitor needing to scoll provides much more exposure. This is the best position on the page and often generates the most clicks. Includes thumbnail photo.

Location Page Silver (NZ$150 annually)
Listed below the Gold Listing, there are a maximum of 3 Silver listings .
These are typically visible 'above the fold' but this is not guaranteed. Includes thumbnail photo.

Location Page Bronze (NZ$50.00 annually)
Bronze listings are positioned just above the minor listings.

Renewed monthly, these listing provide the highest exposure on the website. Contact us for details.

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